Brandy FIGHTS Back Against Black Twitter Claims That Her Illness Was Due To Covid Vaccine!!

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Brandy, 43, was hospitalized in Los Angeles after the singer suffered a seizure, Media Take Out has confirmed. And within minutes of the reports of her hospitalization, folks all across Black Twitter began claiming that her acute illness was somehow caused by the Covid vaccine. Brandy says it’s not true.

According to the CDC, the Covid vaccine is the best way to prevent severe illness from the deadly Covid vaccination. The CDC also says that the vaccine is safe and effective.

But folks all across Black Twitter are ignoring all the doctors and scientists who have researched the vaccine, and have concluded – with no evidence – that Brandy’s seizure was caused by the vaccine.

Brandy was an advocate of the Covid vaccine. She also posted a video, where she encouraged people to get vaccinated at the height of the pandemic.

All the Covid chatter, however, forced Brandy’s team to respond – and try to put the rumors to rest. Media Take Out learned that Brandy’s team is coming out debunking all the Twitter conspiracy theories.

According to a note posted to Brandy’s social media earlier this afternoon, her hospitalization was due to “dehydration and low amounts of nutrition,” she wrote, adding that she was grateful for all of the love and prayers.

Media Take Out confirmed that Brandy has been on a very extreme diet, to lose weight.

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