Brandi Glanville Responds To Caroline Manzo’s Alleged S*xual Assault Affidavit

Lyndon Abioye |

Brandi Glanville hopped on to respond to Caroline Manzo’s new signed affidavit detailing an alleged sexual assault.

“When Glanville was sexually assaulting me on the sofa, she was rubbing her vagina on me,” Caroline wrote in the court docs. “The producers just watched and kept filming. They saw that I was in distress and yet, they continued to film.”

Caroline accused producers of plying Brandi with alcohol and not stopping the assault that night.

But Brandi alleges that Caroline enjoyed that night and suffered “buyer’s remorse.”

“The Caroline BS has plagued me [for too] long,” she tweeted on June 1. “Her accusations are false & defamatory! I have ABSOLUTELY ZERO attraction to her. I’ve done reality TV for 13 yrs & have never had a complaint. This is a simple case of buyers remorse. She had fun & now regrets it. THIS IS NONSENSE & I can prove it.”

Brandi has always denied Caroline’s version of events and says Bravo has the footage to clear her.

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