Brandi Glanville & Caroline Manzo LEAVE ‘RHUGT’ Over Non Consensual Kiss!!

Tiffany Brockworth |

Brandi Glanville caused more trouble during filming RHUGT after she allegedly made moves on Caroline Manzo…who did not welcome her advances.

According to sources, Brandi kept kissing Caroline.

“It was unwanted,” a source told PEOPLE. “And Caroline’s distress over the matter did not seem to stop Brandi. Things escalated and physical boundaries allegedly were crossed that Caroline felt were serious and uncomfortable.”

Production confronted Brandi and asked her to leave after she texted an apology to Caroline.

“Brandi’s behavior was inappropriate,” a third source confirmed. “So she was asked to leave.”

Caroline also reportedly left because “She needed to process this outside of the reality TV environment.”

Blogger Zack Peter weighed in: “As a result, production had to move Brandi to a separate hotel [and] unable to continue filming. It sounds like the women rallied around Brandi, which prompted Caroline to leave the trip early. Both Brandi and Caroline were flown home early, while the remaining women filmed through to the finale on Saturday. There’s now an internal investigation being conducted re: the Brandi and Caroline incident.”

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