Boxer Ryan Garcia Calls Lil Nas X Out For Jesus Disrespect

Lyndon Abioye |

Boxer Ryan Garcia hopped on social media to call out Lil Nas X for dressing as Jesus Christ and seemingly mocking the Christian faith in a promo for his new single.

“Christian family where are you??? As someone who loves God and is a Christian, I find this one of the most disrespectful and disturbing things someone can do,” he wrote.

“Even if you aren’t Christian this isn’t okay I wouldn’t disrespect someone’s belief and I’m hurt and furious at the same time. More so hurt. Pray for Lil Nas X. Although it may enrage Christians, what he is doing, we are called to pray for our adversaries. So lift him up in prayer so he can see what he is actually doing. Love God with all your heart, mind, and soul. Love one another.”

Fans have accused Lil Nas X of being a “shock jock” and of using blasphemous imagery to get views. Some believe that without the shocking tactics, his music would flop on its own.

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