Boxer Ryan Garcia Admits He Was ‘High as F*ck’ In Devin Haney Fight!!

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Ryan Garcia opened up about his controversial bout with Devin Haney last month and even though he’s accused of taking steroids, he says he was high but on another drug.

 Garcia appeared on the Fully Tilted podcast where he admits he was out of shape because he was drinking alcohol and smoking weed every day. He says he was even under the influence during the fight.

“If I was on steroids, I would’ve been in way better shape. It was literally drinking every day, smoking weed, you know, every single day. I didn’t stop, not even until the f-cking day of the fight. And I got in there high as f-ck, and I beat his ass. It was so easy. It was a walk in the f-cking park. I had harder fights in sparring, bro. It was not hard at all,” he says in the clip.

Last week, it was revealed that Garcia tested positive for a performance-enhancing drug called Ostarine the day before and the day of the fight. Ostarine is used to help athletes “build muscle mass and enhance their rate of fat loss and also to increase staining and recovery ability.”

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