Bow Wow Speaks On His Lean Addiction…”I Was Losing My F*cking Mind”

Lyndon Abioye |

In a recent interview, Bow Wow opened up about his lean addiction, which eventually put him in the hospital.

Bow Wow admits he was drinking lean regularly during the time he dropped his Omarian Face Off collab in 2007.  

“I was sipping lean. I was sipping so much syrup. I said this after Mac Miller died. I spoke on this sh-t. I was drinking that sh-t like crazy. If you go back and watch¬†The Road to Platinum¬†series on BET, you’ll see so many white Styrofoam cups. I was losing my f-cking mind. That lean sh-t had me f-cked up. I was just always irritated,” he said on The Art of Dialogue.

Bow claimed Lil Wayne used to give him baby bottles of lean. He says it was not until he went on tour with Chris Brown that he knew he had to quit. The rapper collapsed and missed several tour dates.

“We were on our tour, I was co-headlining with Chris Brown and the opening night was in Cincinnati and when I got off stage, I collapsed. I went straight to Cincinnati University Hospital. My stomach was so f-cked up that I ended up going back home to Atlanta after the first show.”

Bow says he went through withdrawal symptoms. His publicist issued a press release stating he was suffering from dehydration.

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