Bow Wow Fires Off At An Unknown Opp!!

Lyndon Abioye |

Bow Wow hopped on social media to fire off at an opp who he accuses of hating on him and his career.

Bow posted a message on social media to the person, who he chose not to identify.

“Ayo bro u a clown! Don’t come to my city and DM my DJ asking him what’s crackn in the city! You hit me! Now I know where we stand. You always been jealous of me,” he wrote.

He continued: “U always been 2nd to me in anything! I took your sh-t made it mine and now I own what I created. We gone start addressing all these fake weirdo sh-t you be on.”

Fans responded in the comments.

“The way he didn’t put an @ on it I feel like he talking to me😭what he say fck me for?” one fan wrote.

“Gotta put ah @ on that or it ain’t respected 🤣💯” another chimed in.

Who y’all think Bow is addressing?

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