Boosie Says Daughter’s BF Can CHEAT On Her But Not BEAT Her

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Boosie Badazz has gone viral again after he hopped onto Instagram Live to share that his daughter, Pretty Black, has a new boyfriend.

According to Boosie, he is fine with the boyfriend being unfaithful to his daughter but will step in if he puts hands on her.

“You can cheat on her, but don’t beat on her. My daughter just texted me she got a boyfriend. She want me to meet him, be nice. Just don’t hit her, n-gga. Love a n-gga, I don’t give a f-ck what you do. Just don’t hit her, n-gga. You can cheat on her, I don’t give a damn, whatever. Just don’t hit her, n-gga,” he said.

Fans accused Boosie of allowing men to mistreat his daughter, but the rapper hopped online to clarify.

“Everybody talking about the cheat on her beat on her thing or whatever,. I’m not the type of daddy that gonna get in my daughter’s relationships about no cheating or nothing like that. But if you beat on her, then that’s a different thing, that’s my problem. A lot of y’all come in, y’all ain’t got no dad. Y’all ain’t gonna call y’all dad and tell ’em y’all got a boyfriend because y’all don’t even care what y’all daddy say. Y’all don’t have no respect for y’all daddy, and y’all don’t think y’all daddy gonna protect y’all know it. Me and my daughter, we thick as thieves. So, a lot of y’all comment all negative about my parenting and all of that. I’m a damn good dad. Damn good daddy, daddy first. So a lot of y’all, y’all never had a father. Y’all ain’t gonna call him cause he ain’t sh-t.”

Watch him explain in the video above.

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