Boosie Repossess His Daughters Mercedes … After He’s Put On Child Support!

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Hip hop star Lil Boosie just repossessed the $80,000 Mercedes that he bought his 17 year old daughter for her birthday last year. As Media Take Out reported, Boosie made a big deal about buying his daughter the gorgeous luxury car. And he even posted about it on social media.

Well last night, Media Take Out learned that Boosie sent the repo man to his daughter’s home, and took back the gift.

Why did he take back his daughter’s gift?

Well, according to Boosie – his daughter’s mother just filed to have the rapper pay child support on the 17 year old child. The mom claim that Boosie never paid consistent payments during his daughter’;s life, and now she wants to make sure that she’s compensated for the money she dished out over the years, raising their child.

Boosie claims that his daughter’s mother is not entitled to anything, and he believes that she’s just trying to pull a “money grab” because in a few months his daughter turns 18 years old.

So to punish his babys mother, and his daughter, he took back her car.

Here;’s what Boosie has to say about it:

Here’s what his daughter Tori has to say about it:

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