Boosie Performs For The Cops After Being Pulled Over

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Boosie Badazz was pulled over once again by the police and performed verses from some of his songs, including “F*ck the Police.”

“They got me pulled over again so I’m finna perform a concert in front of the police. They got me pulled over again,” he said of the Georgia cops.

“Cities, f-ck ’em, narcotics, f-ck’ em/ Feds, f-ck ’em, DAs, f-ck ’em. We don’t need you bitches on our street, say with me/ F-ck the police, f-ck the police/ Without that badge you a bitch and half n-gga/ F-ck the police, f-ck the police.”

Boosie became agitated when asking the cops why he was pulled over. He offered the officer a job.

“Are we going to jail or not? That’s the question. I don’t know. The money ready. This is pocket change. This is f-ckin’ pocket change. If we going to jail, the money is ready. That’s what we need to know. This is pocket change. Thirty-thousand is what I keep in my pocket to spend a day. What you make a year? 40? 38, right? If you ever get tired of working for them, come work for me. I’ll pay you double. If you ever get tired of this sh-t, ’cause you don’t talk much, I like you. So if you ever get tired of this sh-t, I will pay you double and get your dick sucked any time you want. Anytime by black women.”

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