Boosie Celebrates NOT Being A Grandad!!

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After a woman claimed that she was pregnant with Boosie Badazz’s son, a DNA test has proven that the child is not related to Boosie.

“Just found out that ain’t my son’s baby. I’m not a grandpa! Oh lawd! They done kidnapped somebody’s baby, brought it down there like it was my grandchild. Oh you going down baby! Oh lawd! Oh f-cking right! Errybody comin’ to the club tonight. I’m giving everybody free drinks. I ain’t no f-ckin’ grandpa,” he said in the video. “Oh they goin’ down!”

Boosie said somebody even made fake birth certificate. Boosie posted several pictures of his family with the baby. He said they all knew the baby was not his grandson.

“Oh what the f-ck!? Why would you do that!? The mom and everybody — oh lord. This is the conspiracy for the ages. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Jesus. Whooo! Great day. And where the company at who made the fake birth certificate? Where’s the company? I want your company!”

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