Boosie Badazz’s Fiancee Claims They Met When She Was 18

Lyndon Abioye |

Boosie Badazz’s fiancee Rajel Nelson spilled some tea about their relationship and claims she first met the rapper when she was just 18.

“I been on him since I was 18. I started talking to him when I was 21 and I been dating him since I was 24. This is the person who I been with all my 20s. Let’s talk about how many relationships you whores have been in all y’all life. Y’all come on here messing with me about me messing with somebody that’s older than me but who cares? Exactly girl, age don’t matter. There you have it. Nobody’s perfect. Y’all keep talking about what he did, he did this, did that. Which man do y’all know is perfect? Please tell me. Y’all hoes get cheated on every fu-cking day. Ain’t got nothing out the deal,” she said.

Boosie has been ordered to stay away from Rajel for another six months while Boosie’s legal issues are straightened out. His fiancee repeated the fact that she and Boosie did not get together until she was 24.

“Y’all keep trying to talk about me dating somebody older than me but y’all keep failing to realize we didn’t become girlfriend and boyfriend ‘til I was 24. I didn’t start talking to him, having conversations ‘til I was 21.”

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