Boosie Badazz’s Brother BLASTS Him For Allegedly Forging His Signature

Tiffany Brockworth |

Boosie Badazz’s brother TQ hopped on social media to put his brother on blast for allegedly forging his signature on a multi-million dollar contract.

“I’m trying to keep it positive but What I’m witnessing with my brother is the dirtiest sh-t l’ve ever seen. Lying on social media, throwing me under the bus for paperwork we agreed on, then years later, claiming forgery for money (a lick) ?!” he wrote.

“NOW painting a negative picture of my mama like he was treated unfairly or like she ever did ANYTHING to him. He’s going to be PUNISHED for this sh-t.”

Months back, Boosie blasted TQ and Yung Bleu, accusing them of dirty business.

“Asked about when I jumped out on ’em with that bat and ran his ass down Canal Street. When him and Bleu stole from me the first time. See y’all don’t know about that. I made Bleu give me 30k. N-gga been stealing bro. I thought that shit was over with bro. Them n-ggas con artists bro. That was 2016 when that happened. Your own brother bro. Cain and Abel. They’re partners in crime. TQ and Yung Bleu, don’t it rhyme? They got make me post them pictures. Expose their bitch-ass. That’s what they’re gonna make me do. They talking about they don’t owe me nothing but that 2.5 million. Can’t even go by and pay me that? … Them n-ggas went in there and forged my name. It’s sad bro, I don’t talk to no TQ. That dude is a con artist. That’s what he is a con artist.”

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