Boosie Badazz Refuses To Comment On Yung Bleu Cheating Drama!!

Lyndon Abioye |

Boosie Badazz says he will not comment on Yung Bleu being exposed as a cheater by his wife and his sidechick…but he still wants his money from the rapper.

“Everybody askin’ me to go hard on this Bleu situation and his wife,” Boosie remarked in a new clip. “I ain’t doin’ that, dog. I ain’t finna jone on no n-gga and his wife. You know, I ain’t finna do all that. If I’m a go at him, I’m a go at him. You know, I still feel it’s f-cked up how he playin’ it, bro,” he said in the clip.

Boosie claims Bleu’s camp owes him money… which Bleu denies.

“I feel like he keep piecin’ and getting my money. I’m still f-cked up about that, but I ain’t been talkin’ about it because this sh-t make me too mad, bro. But I ain’t finna go at him and his wife on no situation. That’s how God work, man. Right now, you don’t wanna give me nothing, but God gon’ give all of that to your wife. And that’s basically it, I ain’t finna jose out dude and his wife. That’s family, you know, then that sh-t go to me talkin’ about his children and all that. I ain’t finna do that, dog,” he added.

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