Boosie Badazz Promotes R. Kelly’s Bootleg Album

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Last week, a bootleg album of R. Kelly’s titled “I Admit It” dropped on streaming platforms. After Sony and the imprisoned star released statements saying they had nothing to do with the album, several platforms pulled it from their store.

But Boosie Badazz was able to stream the album and took to Instagram to praise the convicted sexual predator.

“R.Kelly TALKING DAT SHIll 🔥THE BEST TO EVER DO IT ⭐️YOU BETTER GO LISTEN TO THE ALBUM💯💯💯NUMBER 1 FAN -BOOSIE BADAZZ,” he captioned a video, followed up with a second post that reads, “THIS MF R.KELLY IS THE GREATEST🔥🔥🔥IM LIT TODAY‼️ #FreeRKellyAsap.”

Boosie has always defended R. Kelly. In a DJ Vlad interview, he denied kidnap claims made by R. Kelly’s victims.

“If you leave a bitch at the house and you go on tour for two weeks and she don’t go nowhere, that bitch ain’t been kidnapped. She waiting on daddy to come home. You know, a bitch ain’t been kidnapped. Bitch ain’t been sexualized if she been in the bed with three, four women. You know, she hasn’t been taken advantage of, because she is willing. She is willing. He just f-cked up on the age part…if he did it,” said Boosie. “I’m not saying he’s guilty or if he did do it, it’s because of the age. The rest of that sh-t, they exaggerating, bro.”

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