Boosie Badazz DONATING Car He Took Back From Daughter!!

Lyndon Abioye |

Boosie Badazz announced that he’s donating the vehicle he took back from his daughter last week.

“I done washed my hands. in’t no car coming back. It’s over with. I’m a donate that muthaf-cka and pay my taxes. Give it to the cancer foundation,” the rapper said on Instagram Live.

Boosie repossessed the $80,000 Mercedes from his 17 year old daughter for her birthday last year.

After seizing the car, Boosie explained that his daughter’s mother filed to have the rapper pay child support and that he never paid consistent payments during his daughter’s life. Boosie’s baby mama added that she wants to make sure that she’s compensated for the money she spent over the years, raising their child.

Boosie blasted his daughter on social media.

I’ve always taking care my children. She wasn’t saying this two weeks ago when she was n Atl going on shopping sprees everyday n has never said this but now I’m not a dad (Spoiled),” hse wrote. “If u go down talk you father talk the truth about your mother who’s been arrested over 12 times for stealing n been in n out of jail her whole life .Your dad always tried to raise you not to be this woman. U called another woman mama the first 3 years of your life.We took care you when she was n out of jail. Your mother named you after another man when u was born.I changed your name n took responsibility.”

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