Boosie Badazz Details Alleged Grandson Incident

Weeks ago Boosie Badazz celebrated the news that he is not a grandfather. A woman had claimed his son had fathered her child but it turns out it was all a lie.

Boosie said he suspected from the very beginning.

“They bring the baby over to me. I look at his f-cking toes. From me all the way to the grandpa, all our toes be like this. The other toe will lap over one toe. All our toes the same. I looked at his f-cking toes and he didn’t have the toes,” he told Vlad.

“I picked him up and he felt like a brick. Felt like I was holding my son. He felt like a damn brick. I told my partner, that ain’t Tootie baby. My mama whispered to me in my ear, ‘They ain’t your grandbaby.’ Then we go back to my mama house.”

Boosie said the child’s mother was taking pictures with everyone. She posted his picture to social media. He said the real grandma of the baby called Boosie and his family and told them that Tootie was not the father of her boy and the woman was not even the mother of the child.

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