Boosie Badazz Confirms He Took His Daughter Out Of His Will!!

Lyndon Abioye |

After his track “Ungrateful” went viral, Boosie Badazz confirmed he’d taken his 18 year old daughter Tori out of his will.

“They just mad right now because I said some truthful things about her mother. They mad. Everything I said was the truth. I told not one lie. Not one! One thing I ain’t gon’ do is lie. I told not one lie. What I said her mama did, she did. Ask her… And she probably…she mad about her brother. He playing spades with Tupac right now,” he told his fans on Instagram Live.

Boosie said Tori got too disrespectful so he had no choice but to remove her from his will.

He later added, “The level of disrespect she got? It ain’t would, I did take her out my will. I did! I did! It has been done. I did whatever to raise that child right. Tried everything. The disrespect you have for your daddy? You ain’t gon’ get nothing when I leave here.”

Is he right?

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