Boosie Badazz Claims He’s Never Heard Anyone From The Projects Playing Eminem

Lyndon Abioye |

Boosie Badazz says Eminem may be a great rapper but he’s never heard anyone playing the Detroit rapper’s music in the hood.

“Where I’m from, we don’t listen to Eminem. I’m from the trenches. I never heard nobody come in my projects playing Eminem. I’ma keep it real. When I hear him, I say, ‘He can rap.’ I always say that…But where I’m from, I never heard Eminem not one time in the speakers in my projects. I gotta be honest. None of my friends ever said, ‘Put Eminem on,'” he said on Cam Capone News.

Boosie was reacting to Dr. Umar Johnson’s appearance on The Joe Budden Podcast. Umar claimed Eminem cannot be the GOAT of rap because he’s white.

“No non-African person can be the best anything in African culture. You can’t be the best cook of African food,” Umar said at the time. “You can’t be the best rapper of African Hip-Hop, you can’t be the best singer…nothing that we create, can [white people] be the best at, that’s the first thing.”

Y’all agree with Boosie?

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