Bookies In The HOOD Are Taking Bets On Tory Lanez Trial … Offering GOOD Odds He GOES FREE!!

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Tory Lanez’ shooting trial comes to a close today, and the jury is expected to deliver their verdict by tomorrow – and the entire world of hip hop is watching keenly.

Tory Lanez

And you can now place a BET on how what you think the jury will decide.

All of the popular betting sites have refused to take bets on the Tory Lanez case, but bookies in hoods all across America are taking bets from people looking to cash in on the trial before the holidays.

Media Take Out spoke with one “hood bookie” in the Bronx, NY and another in Atlanta, Georgia – and both say that they are taking bets on the outcome of the trial.

The Bronx bookie, who operates out of a barber shop near the Grand Concourse in New York City told us that he’s offering 1 to 2 odds that Tory is released. The bookie explained, “Most of the money is being put on Tory being released. We had the odds higher, but they came down and are now 1 to 2.”

That means that a person would have to bet $2 on Tory going free, just to make $1. And even at those odds, the money is poring in on the rapper we’re told.

The Atlanta bookmaker – who operates out of a barber shop in the College Park neighborhood agreed with his contemporaries odds. The insider added, “Everyone is betting Tory goes free. We had to drop the odds to below 1:1.”

Both bookmakers told Media Take Out that the majority of the betters are Black men, who have been following the case on social media.

If anyone wants to get in on the bet …. it’s not too late.

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