Bobby Shmurda Seemingly Denies Bisexual Claims

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Bobby Shmurda appeared to deny allegations that he is bisexual after a video was posted online last week where many assumed he was in bed with two men.

“When the hate doesn’t work, they start telling lies,” he wrote. “That’s why y’all still broke after all these years. You spend your time on bullsh-t and cap to make y’all feel better. [Crying laughing emoji] Tap into reality. [Kissy face emoji] Go get you some Shmoney #viralpost.”

He says his former record label is trying to destroy his career.

“Tour is coming up and the labels always showed me how they control and work any narrative they want and control media to an extent. How much do the bots cost y’all? I [just] made $200K last week. I’m trying to buy some sh-t [because] ya’ll odeee yang sucking. I can’t boom the internet, so have fun,” he said.

He continued: “[Crying laughing emoji] I’m really that scary. [Crying laughing emojis] Ay, they [are] trying to f-ck up my tour, [because] I’m not with them anymore and I’m taking [their] artist on tour. Like they [tried to] sabotage my EP, lower my sound, all kinda crazy nerd sh-t. They don’t want it played nowhere. They pay for [their] artist to get played at. #realife #trillers #bandit #bigmad #independentartist #slaveship #nogood.”

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