Bobby Shmurda Says Rowdy Rebel Shouldn’t Have Talked About King Von’s Murder

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Bobby Shmurda has reacted to Rowdy Rebel’s recent comments about King Von’s killing…and says he shouldn’t have said what he said.

“I felt like that sh-t came out wrong,” Bobby told Math Hoffa.

Rowdy claimed Lul Tim shouldn’t have shot Von and could have handled the situation differently.

“He meant it in a good way, like, he wished that none of that sh-t would have ever happened because he a fan of [King Von and Quando Rondo]. But sometimes, we can’t talk on other people sh-t. So, Rowdy know he was in the wrong for that. But he didn’t mean it in a wrong way,” he continued.

Bobby added: “It came from…an older Black guy liking a younger Black guy and liking both of their music. But that’s gon’ happen all the time. It happened to 2Pac and Biggie. Sometimes, n-ggas emotions gonna come out. When emotions is hot, you don’t want to speak on situations.”

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