Bobby Shmurda Says Rowdy Rebel Shouldn’t Have Talked About King Von’s Murder

Bobby Shmurda has reacted to Rowdy Rebel’s recent comments about King Von’s killing…and says he shouldn’t have said what he said.

“I felt like that sh-t came out wrong,” Bobby told Math Hoffa.

Rowdy claimed Lul Tim shouldn’t have shot Von and could have handled the situation differently.

“He meant it in a good way, like, he wished that none of that sh-t would have ever happened because he a fan of [King Von and Quando Rondo]. But sometimes, we can’t talk on other people sh-t. So, Rowdy know he was in the wrong for that. But he didn’t mean it in a wrong way,” he continued.

Bobby added: “It came from…an older Black guy liking a younger Black guy and liking both of their music. But that’s gon’ happen all the time. It happened to 2Pac and Biggie. Sometimes, n-ggas emotions gonna come out. When emotions is hot, you don’t want to speak on situations.”

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