Bobby Shmurda Says Rappers Should Not Hang Out In Their Hood

Bobby Shmurda offered some advice to rappers… not to hang out in their own hoods.

“I see n-ggas say this, ‘Don’t leave the hood,’ you gotta leave the hood, bro. You gotta leave the hood, you can’t be in the hood, bro. Cause the hood is like you gotta understand when you come from them ends, it’s struggle,” says Bobby. “When you come back to the hood, you come back to bless the hood. You don’t come back to chill in the hood and have police cause you got enemies. The more famous and richer you get, it’s the more angry that the people didn’t like you and you sitting there in their face all day.”

Several rappers have been arrested this year.

He continued, “You think police won’t get mad? ‘I was locking this n-gga up and now he’s walking in with all this jewelry. If they’re mad at the dope dealers, what the fuck you think they gonna do to us? N-gga’s is asking for a gun to get thrown on them or some sh-t.”

Is he right?

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