Bobby Shmurda Says Producers Are Overcharging For Beats: It Can’t Be That Bad Outside, Bro!!

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Bobby Shmurda is upset that producers have been trying to overcharge him for beats.

“These producers is giving me like the hardest time right now like I’ve never seen no sh-t like this before like I know n-ggas can not…it can’t be that bad outside my n-gga, it can’t bro. I done made over a half a million for the year it can’t be that bad outside. Why is n-gga’s od’ing right now?” he said in the clip.

He continued, “I’m trying to drop my project but these n-ggas is asking me clearances, and these f-cking producers is asking for some crazy sh-t. I don’t know what rumors is going around they think that Bobby is just dropping bags this that wherever.”

Bobby then explained how much is too high for a beat. He also claims there are too many rappers already on the track.

“I’m not giving n-ggas no f-cking $8k-$10k for no f-cking producer or some bitch. Who the f-ck told you n-ggas to f-cking make songs with 10 muthaf-ckers on the song bitch n-gga, f-ck you sending me? Those bumass n-ggas be sending me sh-t like that with like 10 n-ggas on the song, bro. Don’t play me bro.”

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