Bobby Shmurda RIPS Diddy After Watching Cassie Assault Video!!

Lyndon Abioye |

Bobby Shmurda hopped on Instagram to drag Bad Boy Records label owner Diddy after a video was released by a new outlet showing the mogul beating his ex-girlfriend Cassie in a hotel.

“Why will you put your hands on a female bro?” he asks Diddy in the clip.

In the video, Cassie runs out of their hotel room to a bank of elevators. Combs, holding a towel around his waist, runs down a hall after her. He then grabs her by the back of the neck and throws her to the floor before he proceeds to kick her in the head. 

As Cassie is on the ground, Combs takes her purse and suitcase from the floor near the elevators. He turns around and kicks her again as she lies motionless on the floor. Then Diddy drags Cassie by her sweatshirt toward a room before walking away.

The video was mentioned in Cassie’s lawsuit against Diddy in November.

Will Diddy face criminal charges for the violent attack on Cassie?

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