Bobby Shmurda No Longer Listens To Rap: It’s Detrimental!!

Tiffany Brockworth |

Bobby Shmurda claims he no longer listens to rap music because it’s too negative.

The Brooklyn rapper explains, “You got these f-cking kids following you guys [rappers]… and you’re f-cking rapping about these lifestyles. It’s endangering, it’s very detrimental, very dangerous to the communities, that these kids think that is going on that you did not even live,” he said on The Danza Project.

Shmurda says he believes rap music should encourage positivity and that he only wants to listen to uplifting rap music.

“I think rap’s supposed to be telling muthaf-ckas to go from negative too positive, coming from poverty going to riches and stuff like that. And how to stay in that and how to change. That’s the sh-t that I want to hear, I want to hear about living life,” he said.

He continued, “I want to listen to some bloodclot reggae,” he states. “That’s why I don’t listen to rap, for real, I don’t listen to rap. I don’t know nothing about rappers.. Only time I listen to rap is when I’m in the club, I just dance to anything.”

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