Bobby Shmurda Doesn’t Want To Be A Rapper Anymore!!

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Bobby Shmurda says he’s over rap and is looking for another profession. Bobby, who fought to be freed from his label, says the labels are doing bad business.

“I don’t want to be named as a rapper no more, bro. It’s like when you do that rapper sh-t, n-ggas like try to come for that light. It’s just nasty like these labels is nasty. Look at what they just did to Tory. That sh-t is nasty, my n-gga,” he said.

“Then the whole rap community that’s f-cking supporting these n-ggas. Y’all n-ggas is disgusting my n-gga, cause these the same people that come from saying that they live our lifestyle. They came from our lifestyle. These muthaf-ckers is out here playing dress up right now.”

Bobby, who defended Tory Lanez, also called out Roc Nation…who some have blamed for Lanez’s guilty verdict.

“You got n-ggas like the whole f-cking labels like muthaf-cking Roc Nation and all these muthaf-ckers, these n-ggas hiring all the hackers. These n-ggas hiring all the f-cking hackers. They got all this sh-t hacked. This the new generation,” he added.

Is he right?

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