Bobby Shmurda Defends Meek Mill Amid Diddy Rumors

Lyndon Abioye |

Bobby Shmurda is defending Meek Mill after the rapper has been repeatedly trolled over rumors he was once Diddy’s alleged lover.

Meek has repeatedly denied being gay on social media and even said that the rumors have confused his 12-year-old son.

Shmurda posted a screenshot of Meek’s tweets where the rapper said that he no longer believes any of the rumors surrounding Diddy because of all of the lies being spread about him.

“Sad, but that’s the music industry once the relationship is done, they believe in tarnishing your name. The sad thing is it’s a bunch of haters, Meek don’t even know wishing it was true the fact that you can even believe something like that, shows your character that you just listen to anything schmucks,” Shmurda wrote.

He continued, “@meekmill they ain’t go try you they ain’t stupid now they are haters glad to see someone trying to downplay a man feeding his family smh.”

Diddy has also denied all of the rumors about him on the internet.

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