Bobby Shmurda Claims DSPs Won’t Add Him To Playlists Because He Doesn’t Paint His Nails!!

Lyndon Abioye |

Bobby Shmurda hopped on social media to let his fans know that his music isn’t being added to playlists on digital streaming platforms because he refuses to paint his nails.

“Stop asking me to drop music American DSP and music blogs which they owned as well don’t allow real Bodman on playlists because I don’t paint my fingers,” he captioned his Instagram post. “So it’s pointless…until something is done with the people who own, runs, and manages these platforms [lion emoji].”

Bobby included a close up of his nails without a mnaicure.

In the comments, fans reacted, saying his statements were not only about nails but about Shmurda refusing to do whatever it takes to make it big.

“Y’all lack comprehension and it shows. You’re too busy making jokes to even read the caption. Put the 🌿 down and read in between the lines,” one fan wrote. “He said to stop asking him to drop music because he will not be able to drop music unless he does what they want him to do. One of those things is to paint his nails. If you have noticed a lot of artists making music and posting on social media have painted nails and started to wear women’s clothing..he’s basically saying HE’S NOT DOING THAT.”

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