Bobby Shmurda Blasts School Mass Shooters

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Bobby Shmurda went off on the men who recently shot up schools in the country.

“We pay all this motherf-cking tax money,” Shmurda said. “You know what my motherf-cking tax bill was last year?”

He continued, “Let me tell you why they ain’t come to my block and shoot shit up or why they don’t go into the precinct and shoot sh-t up, cause they gonna shoot right back at your motherf-cking ass. It’s kids! It’s f-cking kids! Kids! Shoot at my black ass n-gga. Come shoot at me watch what happen.”

Last month Bobby told rappers to stop hanging out in their old hoods after several rappers were killed or thrown in jail.

“I see n-ggas say this, ‘Don’t leave the hood,’ you gotta leave the hood, bro. You gotta leave the hood, you can’t be in the hood, bro. Cause the hood is like you gotta understand when you come from them ends, it’s struggle. When you come back to the hood, you come back to bless the hood. You don’t come back to chill in the hood and have police cause you got enemies. The more famous and richer you get, it’s the more angry that the people didn’t like you and you sitting there in their face all day.”

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