Bobby Lytes Says Chrisean Rock Is Not Ready To Be A Mother

When news of her pregnancy broke, Bobby Lytes hopped on Twitter to give his thoughts on Chrisean Rock becoming a new mom.

“Since everybody wanna be fake and not keep it real on Beyoncé’s internet, I’ll go ahead and say it. Chrisean my sweet baby, you are NOT ready for a baby. One day, yes! I say this with so much love just take this time to grow and evolve. You can do it! I believe in you!” he tweeted.

Rock hopped on Instagram Live to respond to Lytes and all of her haters saying the same thing.

“You coulda hit me in person. People be doing sh-t for clout. Who gives a f-ck what you think. Mind your business. Like, I could take care of your ugly ass if I wanted to,” she said.

Lytes caught the Live action and clapped back: “Rock I don’t have your # never did. See here’s the thing tho, if I would have messaged you the same thing directly, it would have gone in one [ear] and out the other. Me making a statement publicly was much more beneficial. You now see the amount of people who truly care for you!”

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