Bobbi Althoff Denies Copying Funny Marco’s Interview Style

Tiffany Brockworth |

Bobbi Althoff has denied allegations that she stole Funny Marco’s interview style.

Bobbi is asked how she feels about the claims but she says Funny Marco took her style.

“I say to that, that you took my stuff,” she joked. “No, I know you didn’t. But to be fair, I couldn’t take your stuff because I had never seen you at all when I was already doing [videos].”

Funny Marco’s videos go back years on Youtube, well before Bobbi, who has been accused of being an industry plant, blew up.

Bobbi’s interview with Drake made her an instant hit but fans are already saying she fell off. Her standoffish style can offend artists and has led to rumored beef with Drake and Lil Yachty.

Offset’s interview with Bobbi also went viral as he would not allow her to mock him and teased her back…and Bobbi did not seem to enjoy the experience one bit.

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