Blueface’s Mom Says He’s Not Speaking To Her Over Jaidyn Alexis Remarks

Lyndon Abioye |

Blueface’s mother, Karlissa Saffold, says her son is not speaking to her because of remarks she made about his ex-fiancee Jaidyn Alexis.

Karlissa shared screenshots of text messages between her and her son. The messages have been deleted.

“We don’t speak because he ain’t know why I was talking sh-t to Jay and then wanted me to apologize,” she wrote. “I never told him what she said until he started acting funny and I still didn’t apologize.”

The pair have been goiing back and forth for a while. Karlissa has accused Jaidyn of being jealous of Black women.

“You moved out because your man was over there with a Black girl and you couldn’t do sh-t about it. You took my daughter up over there and got her into that bullsh-t… the girl lost her tooth– all that bullsh-t was yo sh-t b–h. Stop playing with me,” she said in October.

“Now, today is going to be the last day, I don’t want you bringing up my name anymore. It’s okay if Rock brings it up because we of culture. We can go back and forth like this. You motherf–ckers don’t bring my name up no more — and I mean that sh-t.”

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