Blueface’s Mom ROASTS Jaidyn Alexis Over Recent Interview

Lyndon Abioye |

Blueface’s mother went on a social media rant about Jaidyn Alexis after their interview with Jason Lee.

“We can talk about a whole bunch of sh-t that drove me f-cking crazy. Like, you and your drunkass mammy sitting at the f-cking table whining about some d-ck all day when I’m trying to run a f-cking business,” said Karlissa.

She continued: “You moved out because your man was over there with a Black girl and you couldn’t do sh-t about it. You took my daughter up over there and got her into that bullsh-t. Got her into a fight with the girl. The girl lost her tooth. All that bullsh-t was your sh-t.”

Karlissa claimed that Jaidyn says disrespectful things about dark-skinned Black women and that she doesn’t mind when she and Chrisean Rock go back and forth because she and Chrisean are of the same “culture.”

Karlissa claimed she never wanted Blueface to date Jaidyn because she’s not Black and that Jaidyn dragged her daughter into her drama.

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