Blueface’s Mom Cries Over His Brother’s Mental Health Issues

Lyndon Abioye |

Blueface’s mother Karlissa Saffold hopped on Instagram Live to speak on her son Dre’s mental health battle.

Dre accused Karlissa of getting Blueface jumped in jail and that she was a terrible mother, but Karlissa says his mental health is to blame for his outburst.

“I have done everything I can for him,” she said on live. “Since before he went to jail… I was not privy to mental health. I mean, it might look like we’re doing some mental circus sh-t, but me and Blue are really just trying to create generation wealth for this family.”

In the comments, viewers told Karlissa to focus on her own children instead of bashing Chrisean Rock and Jaidyn Alexis for their parenting skills.

Blueface has called his mother out several times, blaming his upbringing on the way that he treats women.

Some fans did show support for Karlissa.

“Mental health is real and we don’t talk about it enough. If this is going on I pray he gets the help he needs. All the shenanigans he was doing outside now that he’s inside sitting down he really fighting his demons. Wow life really comes at you feel speed ahead you have to stay prayed up,” one viewer wrote.

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