Blueface’s Mom Accusers Rapper’s Dad Of Being A “Clout Chaser”

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Blueface’s father has been sepnding time with Chrisean Rock and her son, Chrisean Jr. but his ex, Karlissa Saffold says he’s just doing it for clout.

“That man literally sat in my face and told me he couldn’t stand [Chrisean.] She was going to take his son down. That’s why he up over there now. Tell the lady the truth. You don’t like her, you don’t like what she stand for. Tell her what you told me, when we went over there,” Karlissa says in the clip.

She continued, Stop faking and stop lying before I start posting your real-ass text messages letting her know how you really feel about her, why you really up over there. If you wanted some clout, you could’ve just asked for it. I would’ve just gave you some. You ain’t seen them other daughters of yours or them other grandkids of yours in a month, a year of Sundays ’cause you don’t give a f-ck about them ’cause they ain’t got no clout, and they ain’t got no money.”

Fans reacted to the video, accusing Karlissa of being jealous of Chrisean. Chrisean has been quiet and focusing on her son. Viewers thinks Karlissa should do the same.

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