Blueface’s Brother SLAMS Their Mother: “You Never Taught Me Sh*t Except How to Eat P*ssy!!”

Lyndon Abioye |

Blueface’s brother hopped online to call out their mother Karlissa Saffold.

“Talk about letting a my girl beat you,” he wrote on Instagram Story. “You let two different husband out they hands on because of you. Went to prison cause you think being a mom is done by the world. You never taught me sh-t [except] how to eat p-ssy one time which was weird af. I learned everything I ever [knew] on my own,” Karlissa’s son’s blasting continued.

Kalissa has trashed her son on the internet many times, even comparing her boyfriend’s penis size to that of her sons.

“I forgot you exist most of my life. I had to catch the bus home from games, sit outside, catch a ride home with the janitor, getting good grades, and I’m two different sports teams. All [you] can say is you let me drive a car when I got my [license]. Sh-t you had three of them and it was only so you didn’t have to take nobody to school.”

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