Blueface Shades Chrisean Rock On Twitter: Stand On Yo Principles!!

Blueface hopped on Twitter to respond to fan’s reactions to his reality show with and also threw a few shots Chrisean Rock’s way.

“Food for thought: rock didn’t fight or attempt to fight anyone in her family for me her explanation ‘i don’t agree with fighting my family’ but volunteer me to fight mine when put in the same uncomfortable position that’s crazy work stand on yo principles or be held accountable,” he tweeted.

He continued: “It’s no beef my only point is don’t volunteer me to do some you wouldn’t volunteer yourself to do the truth could never be disrespect #accountability… If we pull up to a bank an you say hey you should go in there an rob it so I rob the bank successfully we pull up to da next bank an I say Ight it’s your turn an you say Im against robbing that’s a red flag I’m getting out the car.”

But it was his tweet about his baby mama that sparked the drama: “I’m so glad I got 1 BM an she a good one thank you Jesus.”

Chrisean previously claimed Blueface made her have three abortions.

“Not Finna beef with a n-gga on Twitter pull up. I’m not Finna have u use me as bait n let you side with ppl dat hate me. Stop calling me rock it’s chrisean weird ass n-gga. Stop tweeting about me wen u can go be Blueface n be whatever n do whatever,” she clapped back.

“Leave chrisean out of the Twitter finger sh-t. You Not worried bout my mental health/ spirit rn. You a man tht break me apart bit by bit wen I’m at our house depress sleeping.”

She later added: “All dis tweeting sh-t bout a bm is just so weird stop trynna make me mad clearly da sh-t u say ain’t really bothering me it’s just making u look vulnerable for the wrong reasons,” she tweeted, adding that he was lying next to her while he was tweeting.

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