Blueface Roasts Chrisean Rock Over Rick Ross Pic!!

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Chrisean Rock attended the Super Bowl LVII with Rubi Rose and left Blueface at home. The rapper became upset and vented on social media after seeing pictures of her with rapper Rick Ross.

Screenshots of the couple’s conversation was shared on social media.

“Could never be my bitch. But I get it you knew to this shit fr so that typa sh-t excites you it’s really none wrong with it I’m just a different type nigga wit my bitch. That’s y I told you long time ago you really don’t want that spot,” he wrote to her.

Chrisean responded: “What he literally got a pic walking past idk why everyone trynna get a pic with me I’m not in his face he literally caught me off guard while I’m waiting for my car with zues n them. U being weird bro stfu. Like fr stop talking to me side ways.”

She captioned the post, “Im at the Super Bowl running into ppl not even trying to trigger u or seem like a weird bitch. Im really dat famous ppl go out they for a pic. It’s ok for u to invite u Airbb n fuxk on bitches just chill n focus on making money stop da evil sh-t stop fr.”

Is Blueface trippin?

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