Blueface Reveals Why He Took His Son At 4am!!

Lyndon Abioye |

Blueface trended online a few nights ago when he livestreamed himself pulling up at Chrisean Rock’s home and “kidnapping” their infant son who was being looked after by Chrisean’s friend, Marsh.

Jason Lee invited the rapper onto his Instagram Live to talk about the incident.

“I knew the baby was by himself. Basically, I go over there, and go into the f-cking room, Jason, and it’s Marsh, her son, two other kids and the baby all on a blowup mattress on the floor,” the rapper said.

Blueface also responded to Marsh’s claims that he beat her up.

“I didn’t have no baby with Marsh, I don’t even know why she did all that. She could have simply let me leave. Chrisean could have came and got the baby whenever she got done doing whatever she was doing. And this sh-t would not even have been a thing,” he told Jason Lee.

After Blueface took his son, Jaidyn Alexis and Chrisean joined forces to trash his house before Chrisean went home.

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