Blueface Promotes WEED Company In Video With Son!!

Lyndon Abioye |

Blueface is facing backlash once again after he posted an ad for a weed company with his young son in the video.

Blueface is seen chasing his son through their hallway. He then turns to the camera and says:

“Hey, I want y’all to tap in with Verified Members L.A. They got the best quality for the best quantity. Highs and lows. All you gotta do is click this code, they gon’ pull up to your doorstep.”

His son is behind him while he is speaking.

Fans sounded off in the comments.

“He posted child pornography of his own son and y’all still thinking he normal. You lot CRAZYYY,” one viewer wrote.

Another added, “Lord he makes me siiiiiiick. Just like Jayden in his story throwing up 🤣 Now she gna try & get pregnant again just cause of the new baby & none of them need to reproduce again!”

Fans are still dragging the rapper for posting a picture of his newborn’s genitals online. Is it over for Blueface?

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