Blueface Mother Responds To Viral Video Of Her Grandson Being Exposed To Twerking Women!!

Lyndon Abioye |

Blueface’s mother has responded to critics who slammed her son after a a livestream of the rapper exposing his son to women twerking in barely any clothing went viral.

In the clip, Blueface’s six-year-old son was seen searching an empty pantry for a snack. The rapper asks him son if he was gay because his son was more interested in food than the half naked women.

“False alarm, false alarm,” Karlissa Saffold told her followers. “He ain’t going crazy. He ain’t see nobody’s ass. I checked it out. I went off, and they said he was not present to watch nobody’s ass.”

She continued. “He’s not watching nobody twerk. He ain’t seen no naked ass. He covered up his eyes, like this, while he took him to the pantry. So he didn’t see no nakedness. He ain’t see no booty cheeks. False alarm, false alarm. Everybody go home.”

Karlissa and Blueface have a rocky relationship but it seems maybe things between them are good once again.

In the comments, fans shared that they are still concerned for the young child and that he needs to be removed from the home.

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