Blueface Mocks “Goofy B*tch” Chrisean Rock

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Rapper Blueface hopped online to clown his baby mama Chrisean Rock. The former couple have been beefing online and are no longer together.

Rock has said that she is contemplating getting her tattoos of the rapper removed.

“So it took something for you to get seven f-cking tattoos. Right? You goofy b-tch,” the rapper says wearing a blue wig. “Stop talking to me crazy,” Blueface says as Chrisean.


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In a recent episode of their Zeus reality show, Crazy In Love, Blueface told her he was sent to her from God.

“You could not eat by yourself [before me]. Now you can,” he said.

“You trying to take God’s credit. It could have been the next muthaf-cka,” Chrisean clapped back.

“B-tch, you trying to give God my credit and I’m not going for it. I’m taking God credit? No, b-tch, God sent me for you,” he responds.

“You trying to say I didn’t have no divine to my life?” Chrisean asked.

“You didn’t.You had a backpack and a pair of f-cking cleats,” the rapper tells her.

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