Blueface Grills Young Son Over Jaidyn Alexis Cheating!!

Lyndon Abioye |

Blueface’s parenting is being talked about online again after the rapper was seen grilling his son about whether Jaidyn Alexis, the boy’s mother, is cheating on him.

On Instagram Live, Blueface asks six-year-old Javaughn Porter, “Yo mama be cheating? You ever seen her with another man?”

“When your mom be taking you to school, she be talkin’ to other people? When she drop you off, she don’t say hi to no men?”

The young boy is seen shaking his head but his father keeps going.

“Gonna put you on a lie detector test. We gon’ put you through a lie detector test too.”

Fans reacted to the live in the comments: “Lil bro really just wants to be a kid and blueface really out here acting like a DEA agent,” one viewer wrote.

Another wrote, “Little boy just want to play games with his daddy and you’re grilling him about his mama. [trash] father dawg”

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