Blueface GHOSTS Woman He Flew Out To LA

Lyndon Abioye |

Blueface trended online after a women exposed that he flew her out to Los Angeles and then ghosted her.

“I will never let another n-gga fly me out again idc how big of a celebrity you are fuk that sh-t! [pensive and two smiley face emojis],” the Instagram model posted on social media.

She also posted a picture of her in a hotel room.

“Then you weird asking me to send you a video of me in the hotel room that YOU paid for all for yourself u to turn around and no show lol Wedirdoooo,” she continued. “I ain’t trippin tho I ain’t take no losses what so ever it’s just the simple fact that we planned this trip week in advance all for you to no show when I get here lol [smiling face with open mouth emoji][.] Why have me come in the first place?

Blueface caught wind of her post and chimed in: “I hit her with this, ‘Check it. Baby, you know I’m a businessman and you was not in the business plan. I’ll squeeze you in when the results are in,” adding that he told her he was on the way when he wasn’t.

Was Blueface outta pocket for this?

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