Blueface Explains Why He’s Ended His Relationship w/ Chrisean Rock, She’s NOT TAKING IT WELL

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Blueface and his girlfriend-non-girlfriend Chrisean Rock seem to always be going at it on social media. Now they are officially over – at least for now, Media Take Out has learned.

These two have been in a situationship for some time and their ups and downs have been played out for an internet audience. And it’s been pretty crazy.

Chrisean has even been arrested on allegations that she stole Blueface’s car and planned to drive it cross country, and while the “Thotiana” hitmaker said at the time that he was finished with his protegé, the two rekindled their romance.

Last night, Chrisean popped up on social media to reveal that her relationship with Blueface has come to an end. It didn’t take long for Blueface to offer an explanation.

According to the rapper, he was never in a relationship with Rock and backed away because she didn’t hold up her end of their bargain. Media Take Out confirmed that Blue wasn’t specific about what “agreement” she allegedly violated.

But Blueface made it clear that he has given Rock a 3:00 a.m. curfew. She hasn’t been sticking to the plan and sometimes returns at 8:00 a.m. He also stated that she is responsible for his dogs while he’s away, but his neighbors have been complaining because Rock hasn’t been there to let them in his home.

In response, Rock penned a lengthy reaction to her Instagram Story where she suggested that he wasn’t being truthful, but was putting information out to the public to make her look bad. Despite it all, fans of this pair expect them to reunite. No word on if Blueface plans on releasing new music soon.

Chrisean has been making a name for herself outside of being in Bueface’s shadow and currently, she stars on Zeus Network’s Baddies South.

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