Blueface Continues To Drag Chrisean Rock: It’s Been A NO For Me!!

Tiffany Brockworth |

Blueface continues to drag Chrisean Rock on social media…claiming she is not going to make a good mother.

“I got 2 kids an 1 bm for a reason I don’t just have kids with anybody I’m real particular about the women I have children with I don’t play about my kids an their well being nurture an care rock don’t even take care of me like a women should an I’m a grown man imagine a new born,” the rapper tweeted.

Chrisean Rock announced her pregnancy weeks back. The couple appears to have split and now Blueface is turning on her, denying the baby is his and claiming nobody else is going to want her due to her pregnancy and her tattoos and missing tooth.

“physically fighting on the red carpet throwing the first punch after announcing a pregnancy is clearly not mentally fit to put their pride to the side for the better meant of their child that was the first red flag for me I only like blue flags it’s been a no for me,” he added.

Blueface doesn’t seem to realize that it takes two to make a baby.

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