Blueface Claps Back At Soulja Boy After He Threatens Him With Jail Booty R*pe!!

Lyndon Abioye |

Blueface responded to Soulja Boy after Soulja threatened to send the booty goons after him in jail.

“You better hope I don’t pay somebody two bands to rape yo ass while you in there. I’m finna send the booty bandits! Who needs some money on their books? You gonna that bootyhole touched, boy,” Soulja Boy said on Instagram Live.

Blueface clapped back via a jail phone call. Blueface says Soulja was in protective custody during his stay behind bars.

“I don’t know Soulja Boy still popping it. Any n-gga happy a n-gga in jail, he the type of n-gga to tell. We already heard cuz was in here on PC, in a yellow jumpsuit eating applesauce,” he said.

Soulja Boy was released from jail on July 14, 2019 after being sentenced to 240 days in jail and 265 days of community service for violating probation. The rapper’s probation violation stemmed from a December 2014 conviction for carrying a loaded firearm in public.

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