Blueface Claims He Lost His Mom To The Internet

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Blueface says he doesn’t know his mom any more because he lost her to social media.

“None my mom say is true I don’t even know that lady anymore,” he wrote. “I lost her to the internet she just want to be known to get her hair done for free she ain’t even aloud to see her grandkids cuz she lost herself to Instagram an nobody want to be ina mix with her.”

Instead of reaching out to her son to fix their issues, she roasted him on social media.

“You poor baby sounding all soft. You lost your mom to the internet, she wrote. “You supposed to be a gangsta p… a.. n…… Suck it up and stop acting like you can’t finish the play. If you can’t see the pass run the ball yourself. Money turned you into a follower! Ain’t no guarantee this weirdo ain’t going to fumble it just like you did then you gonna be sitting there looking stupid.”

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