Blueface Claims Baby Mama’s BBL Is The “Best 30k” He’s Ever Spent!!

Lyndon Abioye |

Blueface is tired of people clowning his baby mama Jaidyn Alexis’ BBL…and claims that he loves it and it’s the best $30k he’s ever spent.

“I think my Bm ass looks great feels great taste great I’m da only one in there so y would we care best 30k I ever spent that’s the hottest topic rn I’m invested,” he wrote on X.

Blueface seems to acknowledge that Jaidyn’s thighs do not match.

He added, “We will go back for the legs when she gets tired of walking….my BM don’t never walk.”

Fans clapped back in the comments:

“U sure you’re the only one in there? Because at first you wasn’t claiming to be the father, so pick a struggle, and struggle,” one follower wrote.

“I think the doctor didn’t give you your change broski,” another wrote.

Another follower offered the rapper some advice.

“30k , at that price she could’ve went to see Dr.Jung money you could reshape/reduce it I’m sure. he seems like one of the best surgeon,” they wrote.

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